The Amazing Led Torch

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The light emitting diodes as they are also known are recent inventions that have revolutionized the torch industry. There are several options to the LED torch and they include the single or multiple bulb options that are housed within a frame made of either plastic or metal.

Although they have hit the market fairly recently, there are several advantages to these torches and one of the most obvious is their energy efficiency. When compared to older versions of the flashlight, the LED variety uses lesser power than the standard flashlights most consumers have in their homes and vehicles. This occurs due to the replacement of the regular bulb with the energy saving variety that consumes less battery power, while giving the consumer a bright enough beam to go about their business unhindered.

Moreover, the bulb used within this torch lasts longer than typical bulbs and does not dim as the battery power decreases. This ensures that the consumer has the same quality of light whether the battery is full or not. Some of the popular batteries that are used to power the torch include button cell and rechargeable lithium ion, with the latter being rechargeable increasing the flashlight's efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Should the owner of the flashlight choose to go green, then this torch gives them this option because there are solar powered flashlights in the market. On top of this, there are selections in the market that have their own generators inbuilt assuring the user that should a power emergency occur; there is a fully powered torch at their disposal.

The LED torch has indeed revolutionized the flashlight industry but before purchasing one there are several considerations the consumer should make one of which is battery life. This particular torch lasts long but depending on the end use of the torch, the strength of the light on high, medium and low should be looked into. This gives the consumer a clue as to the amount of energy the torch will use under different light intensities.

The last factor that should be looked into as concerning the LED torch is the range of the light on different levels, because for some torches the beam goes further but is narrow while for others the beam is wider but just as bright.
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The Amazing Led Torch

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This article was published on 2010/10/21