Selecting the Perfect Tiki Torch

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When you're looking to create the most relaxing, perfect island-like atmosphere on your home patio, nothing beats the effect created by a few tiki torches. These simple torches use real flames to light your patio party with a naturally flickering light that will mesmerize you and your guests. Choosing the perfect tiki torch is easy and not very expensive.

The most common tiki style torches are made from a natural material, most commonly bamboo. The pieces of bamboo are woven together giving the torch a hand-made, primitive island feel. As one of the lowest cost options for a backyard torch, these bamboo models do have some disadvantages. Depending on the climate where you're using them, the sun and other elements will destroy the natural wood and cause the torches to look old and unsightly after a year or two. Thus, for the ultimate Polynesian backyard experience, you'll want to plan on replacing your bamboo torches periodically.

Another style of tiki torch is made from metal and is much more doable. Typically, the decorative bowl of the torch will be made from copper or brass which will withstand the harsh weather elements for many years. Certain metals, such as copper, will be enhanced by the weather over time because the metal will change colors and take-on an antique appearance. These metal tiki torches are usually much more expensive than the bamboo style torches. Also, depending on your design style preferences, the metallic torches may not meet your desires for that primitive island style that is commonly associated with the tiki motif.

Make sure that you purchase several torches so that you can light your entire patio with the warm glow. Always be careful when placing your tiki torches so that the flames don't ignite any nearby materials, and keep small children away. Nothing will ruin your evening like somebody getting burned! Modern torches are low maintenance and use commonly available oils and wicks, so they are perfect for the busy family who want to relax and enjoy the night.

No matter whether you select an inexpensive bamboo tiki torch or you opt for the durable, classy metal style, you'll get a romantic, enticing natural flame to light your evenings spent under the stars on a warm summer night. Nothing will bring that island feel to your evening better than the natural flame light while you relax and sip a tropical drink.

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Selecting the Perfect Tiki Torch

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This article was published on 2010/04/04