Maximizing your BlackBerry Torch

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This article details the different features of the Blackberry Torch that should the user should take advantage of in order to get the most out of his or her phone. It describes different applications that are compatible with the Blackberry Torch, accessories that complement the phone, and methods that can be used in order to maximize the phone’s battery life.

BlackBerry’s new smart phone, the BlackBerry Torch, has been impressing reviewers worldwide with its advanced capabilities. Many users love the phone’s unique combination of a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a convenient touch screen. However, many people do not even realize that their BlackBerry Torch possesses many more features than they use on a regular basis. In order to get the most out of your smart phone, you should investigate the following features of this phone.

When they own a Smart Phone, people tend to do one of two things: Most people mindlessly download every application available or a couple that are very popular. Neither of these actions take full advantage of the apps that are compatible with the BlackBerry Torch. The trick is to choose only the apps that you will use on a regular basis, excluding unimportant ones that will simply take up data space but downloading all useful, positively reviewed ones. There are some really popular apps such as Evernote, Facebook, Linked In, and Primetime 2 Go. We all know that the Facebook app is that you can access your Facebook page mobily. Evernote lets you store notes, pictures and videos. While Linked In stores your most important contacts. And Primetime 2 Go lets you download T.V shows.

BlackBerry is most famous for its production of business-savvy phones. However, it is impossible to take advantage of the Blackberry Torch’s business capabilities without purchasing a few extra accessories. You do not have to spend a fortune on every single cell phone accessory that is currently being manufactured; however, you should consider purchasing a few key accessories to maximize your phone’s features. For instance, several Bluetooth headsets have been specifically designed for compatibility with the BlackBerry Torch. These headsets are extremely convenient in a working environment, and the BlackBerry Torch has been specially manufactured to feature good quality connections between the phone and the Bluetooth device. You also might want to consider purchasing a cover for your phone. This phone’s touch screen is somewhat delicate, and you can help to preserve your phone’s responsiveness by protecting it with a case.

You should always try to maximize your devices energy capabilities. The battery can withstand up to 5.8 hours of talk time, 30 hours of music listening, or 6 hours of video playback. There are some guidelines you should follow to maximize the battery output of the Torch. First of all, turn off your apps when you are not actively using them. Applications can be set to send notifications when something else occurs to maximize battery life. Also, you can buy spare batteries so that you always have a backup on hand.

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Maximizing your BlackBerry Torch

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This article was published on 2010/12/08