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Maglite rechargeable torches are very handy for so many different situations when it is dark. You can use it when you are out hiking or on a dark trail. If you like to go camping or on outdoor activities, you will also find your torch a great asset to have with you.

Even carrying a maglite in the vehicle can be considered an asset, because if you break down then you will be glad you have one with you. Having a great torch with good illumination is a great help if you need to change a tyre or even see what is wrong under the hood. You are also able to use your torch to draw attention to yourself along the roadside or even get the tow truck drivers attention.

Though the new battery systems use an energy saving NiMH battery system, they can easily be added to older NiCD systems, by removing the old power source. You are able to interchange many products within this brand. In many cases you should be able to upgrade your torch and therefore turn it into a maglite rechargeable torch, or you may even consider buying a second torch.

Products come with a spare halogen bulb, which is usually stored in the end cap of the light. This also leaves you with peace of mind as you have a spare with you when you may be out and about with your torch. You are also able to detach the two mounting brackets, making it handy to recharge your torch in many different places like the workshop, garage, house as well as when out in the camper.

Items come with a switch for three positions, on off and signal, which is useful in emergencies. The maglite lens glass is tempered and made from a high qualtiy glass which leaves the torch able to withstand many tough situations. In many cases you will also find that your torch will come with a limited lifetime warranty, which is available within the western hemisphere, and even tem=n years for other places. You will see many variants on the prices. The smaller torches with one recharging system can cost as little as $59 while the bigger torches can cost up to $119 Products can be purchased in many hardware stores, home improvement centers and other places where camping gear and automotive replacement parts are sold.

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Maglite Rechargeable Torches- Light The Way

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This article was published on 2010/12/04