How Does A Butane Torch Lighter Work?

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If you are a smoker or enjoy camping or barbecuing, then you likely own one or more lighters. If you have ever been to a smoke shop or even browsed the lighters section of any sporting goods store, you have likely noticed that there are many different options available to you, from disposable lighters to Zippos, butane torches, and more. What exactly is a butane torch lighter, and how does it differ from all of the other options on offer? What makes it more unique or desirable than any of the other lighters out there?

There are many unique qualities about butane torch lighters. For starters, they operate differently than most other lighters. These lighters use what is known as piezoelectricity to generate a spark. Instead of relying on flint and a revolving wheel, these lighters require only the press of a button to operate. This action moves a tiny spring loaded hammer that will in turn strike a piece of quartz, generating a spark that will ignite the gas that is being released at the same time. The result is a consistent light every time.

Another benefit of these lighters is that they are refillable. With butane torch lighters, if you run out of fuel, you can simply use a can of butane to refill he reservoir, giving you hundreds more lights before you need to do it again. This is certainly much more cost effective in the long term than buying disposable lighters for whatever your needs may be. With a refillable option, you can keep the same device for years or even decades, which can be of great benefit if you have found a style or design you like or if the item has sentimental value as well as a practical purpose.

Last, butane torch lighters are unique because they can light in almost any circumstance. While a traditional disposable device might be all but impossible to light or keep lit in a wind or rainstorm, butane torch lighters are almost impossible to extinguish. As long as the button is depressed, the flame will burn quite consistently, which is important when you are looking to start a campfire or keep the flame going.

Whether or not a butane torch style lighter is right for you is certainly based on your needs, but if you are constantly trying to ignite your lighter in the wind or rain, it is something to consider.
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How Does A Butane Torch Lighter Work?

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This article was published on 2011/01/27