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Looking for help torch which features a slim design for quick portability Are you looking for an all-in-one unit that can meet all of your professional needs This Pencil Butane torch from Blazer ignites with the touch of a button, on the Quick-Start ignition ball located powering the torch. Using its slim pencil design, it provides for a familiar and comfortable grip, and includes a retractable mean hands-free work.

An extremely durable torch, says Sidney, I can’t believe they still get this to, and i am so glad! I acquired mine 16 years back, and it has been used on camping trips for lighting fires, got dropped in to a lake whilst still being continued working. It had a slow butane leak lately, but after numerous a number of much abuse it continued working. I’ll buy another.

George, from Michigan, uses this to light cigars with, he admits that: This is an excellent tool for soldering as well as just small brazing projects, but it is the most effective cigar lighter! It’s too easy to use, the flame is controllable, and it has a huge tank, and fits in your finger case. You can’t beat it for toasting the foot before you decide to light it. It’s my favourite amongst my torch units.

Bill, rated this system 5 from 5 stars on, he states: I like to employ this being a cigar lighter, it’s ideal for that application, it’s approximately the task of touching up my cigars as I smoke them. It’s going to last around 2-3 weeks, that is good, and that i like how easy it is to have full control over this unit, so there’s no concern yourself with burning my fingers. I’ve used my old one for five years quickly and easily!

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blazer pt 4000 pencil butane torch

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This article was published on 2010/12/29