Blackberry Torch: Bold's Successor Is Flaming Hot

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Different than the Bold

The Blackberry Bold 9800 is the latest Blackberry phone from producer RIM. A cool fact for Blackberry but a tough one for the Torch is that the Bold is currently one of the most popular phones out there. Might be hard to beat, right? So what are the differences, why does the Torch have a chance to beat the Bold? First of all theres the key pad. The Torch is a touch phone with a touch screen, but turns out to be a slider phone because theres a QWERTY key pad underneath. Double the fun and double the luck!

Big screen

Because lots of Blackberry users like the QWERTY key pad, its still there. But thanks to the sliding funtion, the Torch has a bigger screen than the Bold. The 3.2 touch screen has a powerful resolution of 360x480 pixels. The Torch runs on the new operating system Blackberry O.S. 6.0, which is bound to become a huge success. The phone itself weighs 161 grams. Not too heavy!

Easy to handle

It might be something you need to get used to, but the touch screen is easily mastered. Navigation through the menus doesnt take too much time and its actually pretty fast to learn. Thanks to the so called pinch function you can zoom in and out with two fingers, if youve got an Apple MacBook youll know this option already. Dont worry though, Blackberrys trademark Trackpad is still there! Youll be online before you know it.

Memory & battery

With a standard memory of 512MB Flash, its possible to extend this up to 32GB. For music and movies you wont need more than this. If the official specifications are true, you should be able to use standby for 18 (!) days, and you can make phone calls for 5,5 hours. Watch six hours of movies or listen to 30 hours of music. Seems like theres no time to make those calls, huh?

Discover whats in the box

Sounds funny, but the box where your Torch is in is small and this is convenient. No cds or user manuals, because lets be honest: hardly anyone reads them. Theres a small USB charger with head set included and you really dont need anything else. Unless youre one of those people who are interested in the manual, in that case youre missing out.


With a 5.0 megapixel camera with LED flash, the Torch is definitely an improvement. Pictures taken with the Bold were of an excellent quality, but the Torch delivers razor sharp images and if you compare them theyre just clearer and better. Its still very easy to send them to your Facebook or Twitter account, and if you like you can choose the image size before you do so.


Like the Bold, the Blackberry Torch has a great media player. So its not an issue to listen to your favorite tunes or watch some movies. The sound is also of a high standard, and if you want to use a head set you can plug in your own set of head phones. Of course theres GPS, apps for Facebook, Youtube and Twitter as well. The Blackberry Torch is worth the wait, and without a doubt it succeeds the Bold boldy.
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The Bold 9700 is one of the most popular phones around. No wonder that people are highly anticipating its successor, the Blackberry Torch. Dont miss out and make sure youll be the first to enjoy a touch phone that slides!

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Blackberry Torch: Bold's Successor Is Flaming Hot

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This article was published on 2010/11/03